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2015 Cherry Blossom Festivals

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Bokutei Cherry Blossom Festival

Date: March 31 (Sat.) – April 8 (Sun.)
Location: Near the Sakurabashi Bridge (1, 2, 5 Mukojima, Sumida-ku)
Access: Approximately 5-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tobu/Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Honjo-azumabashi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line
For more information 03-5608-6951 (Visit Sumida Tourism Office)

19th Cherry Blossom Tsutsumi Dori Street Flower Festival

Period March 21 (Wed.) – April 10 (Tue.)
Location Higashi Shirahige Metropolitan Park (2-2-1 Tsutsumi-dori, Sumida-ku)
Access 7-minute walk from Kanegafuchi Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line
For more information 090-3501-9082(Cherry Blossom Tsutsumi Dori Street Flower Festival Executive Committee)

29th Fussa Cherry Blossom Festival

Date:March 30 (Fri.) – April 8 (Sun.)
Location:Myojinshita Park (main venue)/along the Tama River banks (Nagatabashi Bridge [Yanagiyama Park] to Mutsumibashi Bridge)
Access:Approximately 20-minute walk from Haijima Station on the JR Ome Line (to the main venue in Myojinshita Park)
For more information:042-551-1699(Fussa Cherry Blossom Festival Executive Committee Office, in the City Sales Promotion Section of the Fussa City Office)

Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival

Date March 20 (Tue.) – April 8 (Sun.) (Scheduled dates) *Dates may be changed according to when the flowers open.
Location Ueno Onshi Park Access Next to the Park Exit of JR Ueno Station and Ueno Station on the Keisei Electric Railway; 10-minute walk from Ueno Station on the Tokyo Metro
For more information 03-3833-0030(Ueno Tourism Federation Office)

Ningyo-cho Amazake Alley Cherry Blossom Festival

Period:March 25 (Sun.) (Scheduled date)
Location:Amazake Alley, Ningyo-cho
Access:Next to Ningyocho Station on the Tokyo Metro/Toei subway, Hamacho Station on the Toei subway, or Suitengumae Station on the Tokyo Metro
For more information:03-3666-7662 (Amazake Alley Shop Association, staff: Sasaki)